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  Monday, February 24, 2020

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About Us  


- Recruitment Process
- Online Recruitment
- Visa Processing
- Payroll Services
- Marketing & Advertising

Recruitment Process

1- Assessing personnel needs

The employer should begin to estimate the labor needs by starting to conduct job analysis and write job description. He identifies the qualifications, skills, knowledge and abilities required of each job, and determine the duties, responsibilities and requirements of each job.
The request form should include;
- Job title – department – rank (junior / senior / manger) - Gender
- Qualifications and skills required
- Knowledge and abilities required of the employee.
- Experience and the job duties that the candidates must meet.
- Mental and physical requirement.
- Type of the equipments used in work.

2- Sourcing the qualified Candidates

Once we thoroughly identify our clients needs, we search our database, network and advertise to find the most qualified candidates who can fulfill those needs.
The Human Resources Masters developed a rapid and effective ways in sourcing candidates;
- We use an electronic and responsive internal system for Our databank that contains a multi thousands of various C.V's of qualified applicants in different fields of specifications such as Engineering, IT, Medical, Marketing & Sales, accounting & finance, Hotels, Tourism, Scientific, Administration, Services & Technical labors.
- The online services through our new website that maintain a direct relationship between the candidates and the employers.
- MasterHR sources a large number of candidates through publishing employment advertisements in the Egyptian newspapers upon our clients’ request.

3- Screening

Screening process provides information about the candidate's skills, knowledge, qualifications & experience and enabling the recruiter to determine whether the candidate is suited to, and qualified for, the position.
Through the screening process, we compare the applicant's abilities, qualifications & experience with the required job description. We avoid all applicants who clearly do not meet the minimum requirements for the job.

4- Interviewing & testing

Interviewing the nominators is an important step in assessing and evaluating the candidate's qualifications and his suitability to the position. The interviewers determine the candidate's strength & weakness & his fitness with the job.
We conduct employment tests to measure aptitude, achievement, intelligence, personality and honesty. We also conduct computer & typing tests, English & translation tests & other relating tests for nominators and we report the results to our clients.

5- Selecting & hiring

Our main purpose throughout the recruitment process is to select the Best applicants for the job among all the nominators. The goal of the job interview is to find out as much as we can the suitability of the candidate with the job.
Then the recruiter begins to check personal and professional references and background for accuracy
The selected candidates should receive a comprehensive orientation programs on the general policies of the company and on the specific nature of the job.


Online Recruitment

MasterHR offer the most functional & easy to use employment website
It provides a unique local & overseas employment solution for employers and job seekers.

Employers can search resumes, post jobs and streamline their e-recruiting efforts with our easy to use tools.

Job seekers can search for current openings locally, regionally or nationally, then apply instantly for jobs.


Visa Processing

We provide visa assistance for our candidates who are traveling overseas.

our clients should provide us with:
- The original authorization letter attested by the Saudi chamber of commerce & the Saudi ministry of foreign affairs.
- The original labor contract & the original order of payment.
The selected candidates should prepare the following documents:
- a valid passport & two personal photos
- Criminal record for the purpose of traveling abroad (validity for three months)
- The medical examination by ministry of Health & the medical check-up by any Hospital approved from the Saudi Consulate in Egypt.
- The educational certificate should be attested by:
(The university – the ministry of foreign affairs – the Saudi culture attaché – the Saudi consulate)
- The  experience certificates should be attested by:
(Ministry of foreign affairs – The Saudi consulate)
- The work Contract should be stamped by the Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- No objection letter from the previous employer and attested by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs if the candidate has worked before in KSA.


Payroll Services

MasterHR provides payroll processing for Multinational & major companies in Egypt to devote time and attention to their core business.

Clients range in size from one employee to several hundred, start-up and long-established businesses, with one location or several, including multi-state enterprises. Our payroll services are automatically, Confidentially and accurately. Which makes your job easier and gives you more time to spend on other things.


Marketing & Advertising

In order to source the most qualified candidates for the opening jobs, we use recruitment-marketing strategy.

-We market our clients’ job vacancies to more than 500 000 job seekers in Egypt through our weekly job newsletter.

-We design & publish employment Advertisements for our clients in the Egyptian newspaper with the actual cost.

- We provide our clients with Banner Advertising that appear at the top of pages and include a hyperlink to their website.



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